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May the years that pass, fall gently like snow
so calm so pure, its what natures best can show

be the memories of past freeze still with time
the beauty resounds like a golden wind chime

may tomorrow bring hope, be what remains of the day
so much has happened, left with nothing to say

though my pain be pitiful, I look up with a smile
as I look back at the problems, overcoming took a while

Be I, proud to stand with a new found faith
of which in past I thought was far too late....
A poem inspired from the story with the same title I used for this poem. The story is an old Japanese legend, explaining why old people are important.
((Me who never followed directions in essays, made use of this poem in a test. The test asked for a brief "explanation" to what you have learned from the story. I got the perfect score in the essay....despite not following directions ah....... then my classmates cheered and I got a reward and was given recognition by the president of japan...))
:icontrollfaceplz: you have been trolled none of the words within the "(" are true~~~~~~~~~
Not really a test.........I was inspired by the story......thats all well its not like anyone reads descriptions now a days....ahhhh
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