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Submitted on
May 6, 2012
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Can a blind person see the rain?
Can a dead person feel the pain?
Can a saint speak of lies?
Can a man break all ties?

I search and search
For the blue rose
Draped in malice
I search her woes

In the Room where voiceless songs are born
I hope for the chance to mend all torn
Sung by keys of monochrome
Sung by dearest Alice

In a world of light
In a world so pure
I lost my sight
Truth be the cure

The princess who danced in Moonlight's brace
The merrow who gave up her voice
The sorrow she weaved in Golden frill lace
Did they all not have a choice?

I searched for the blue rose
Yet feared wonder land
I couldn't heal her woes...
I couldn't take her hand

I wanted forgiveness
My own selfish desire
She feigned kindness
Yet feared hell's fire

In that dusty room
Where voiceless songs fade away
I see her smile...
As she twist and sway

She died that night
In this silent room
To end all plight
She faced such doom

Hands so cold
Skin so pale
Pain I hold
A Banshee's wail

I yearned for her wake
From such peaceful sleep
Everything for her sake
A promise I had to keep

I'm sorry my dearest Alice...
I lied
You can't wake up...anymore

"Father...I have been foolish...
I've searched for a long time
Yet it was already by my side...
Now she rests in the gardens
No longer will I hear her song
Despite that...I have to go...."

"Go where?"

"I don't know...but I know it isn't I have to go..."

Burn down the room
Where songs are born
Cast away the darkness
Mend away the torn

Leave behind the pain
Look not at what's left
Take on all the strain
That you shan't petrify

I still yearn for her
Her gentle warming light
Such dream is but a blur
That fades from black to white

I curse the setting sun
I loathe the coming morrow
A task yet to be done
A vague prince's sorrow

Within this pain
I see the light....
Blinded by rain
I lost my sight

Tears warm the cold
It melts away the snow...
The hope I now hold
It's time for me to go......

Farewell my dearest Alice
Your eyes of stained glass
I rid you of your malice...
Were together at long last!

Now the sun dances with the moon
Chronos minds his own path
Blue roses adorn the fields of wonderland
However, such is but a dream
Born from voice less songs of monochrome

unfinished ^^
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XsilverghostX Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you continue.I love to hear your poems ^.^
AnotherOddity May 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I thank you for the journey so far. :)
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